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NEURON gaining recognition in the neuroscience education community

September 16, 2013 - 1:53pm -- Hillary Lauren

Project NEURON is proud to be a part of a growing body of resources in the neuroscience education community. In the past month, our website was featured in two resources for educators and learners: and Eric Chudler’s Neuroscience for Kids newsletter. is a public resource that provides information about the brain and the nervous system. It is supported by several global nonprofit organizations such as Society for Neuroscience, The Kavli Foundation, and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. The site includes resources specifically for educators, including videos, images, and lesson plans. Visitors can filter resources by topic, core concept, and/or grade level.

The Neuroscience for Kids website is maintained by Dr. Eric H. Chudler, Director of the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering and Associate Professor at the University of Washington. Chudler started the website in the late 1990’s when he noticed there was little information about neuroscience for students and teachers. The website contains articles, experiments, book reviews, and news related to the brain. Project NEURON was featured as a resource in the Neuroscience for Kids newsletter, which has a circulation of about 10,000.